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About Us

Epic Marketing is a highly talented PPC agency based in Melbourne, Australia. We have extensive experience in the creation and management of successful PPC campaigns across many industries. Our philosophy of creating highly tailored campaigns makes us a leading PPC agency. Read More


At Epic Marketing we are Individually Qualified Google Professionals so you can expect the highest degree of expertise and knowledge.

In addition to this, Epic Marketing is an official Google Partner. This means that we are amongst the elite providers of Google AdWords services in Australia.

This also means that we are one of the few agencies in Australia that are allowed to display the Google Partners badge, and we do so with pride.

Google Partner Badge Epic Marketing

Our Strategy

All AdWords campaigns we create are precisely targeted to meet our clients' marketing objectives, and all are managed regularly and sometimes on a daily basis to provide continually optimised performance within an agreed budget. Regular campaign analysis and routine reporting ensure we meet even shifting requirements of our clients. This all enables us to form relationships which stand the test of time. Read More

Our Services

All our work is of the highest technical standard, and incorporates all current advances in search engine technology.

We provide our partners with a high level of transparency into the work we do, and frequently discuss with them how to continue to improve the effectiveness of their campaign.

We maintain a strong, analytical focus on every aspect of our clients' campaigns so that every element and every keyword provides good value for their money.