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Enhanced Campaigns – Why All The Fuss?

As anyone who has had anything to do with AdWords over the last few month knows, Google has introduced Enhanced Campaigns which are set to take over on 22nd July. A lot has been written about this recent development, but I really don’t see what all the fuss is about.

First, let me outline the main changes that will be brought about by these “Enhanced Campaigns”. The main issue is the device settings. Under the enhanced campaigns, you are no longer able to target different devices individually. We used to be able to target desktops, tablets and mobiles specifically, but that is being taken away from us. Now, we must bid the same for both desktops and tablets, and set a mobile bid adjustment. This certainly takes an element of control away from advertisers, as clearly user behaviour on various devices can differ quite significantly.

The second change is the reduction in character limits for sitelink extensions from 35 to 25. This is somewhat inconvenient, but is really not a significant problem, especially when compared to the benefits that enhanced campaigns bring.

Easier Campaign Management

The first of these is that the campaigns are now easier to manage. We no longer have to create an identical campaign and set it to show on mobiles with a slightly different bid. We can keep everything in the same campaign and set a mobile bid adjustment percentage, which allows us to amend the standard bids, from a minimum of -100% (ie off) to 300% This gives us a much easier way of managing the bids on our mobile campaigns.

We can also now adjust the bids by location, as well as the time of day and day of the week. This can be very useful for advertisers who advertise in a number of regions, but the clicks in different regions are worth different amounts. Again we used to have to create multiple campaigns to manage this, and now we can consolidate all our location campaigns into one.

We can also now schedule our ad extensions, which previously showed whenever our campaign was live. Now we can choose which days and hours they show, which is especially useful for local businesses.

All in all, the benefits of enhanced campaigns far outweigh the drawbacks, and now that I have accepted that my ads are being shown on tablets, and changed my sitelinks extensions, I am ready to fully embrace this latest development.

This article is written by Chris Winn, a PPC Expert in Melbourne on behalf of Epic Marketing.