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Remarketing – What’s The Point?

Recently, I have been discussing remarketing with many of my clients, and I have found the take up to be very mixed. Some advertisers see the benefit of following people around when they browse the internet, and others think that it is a complete waste.

Remarketing is a waste of time and money when done wrong.

The view that remarketing is a waste is an interesting one. Essentially, with remarketing, we are advertising to people who have been on our site previously. This seems perfectly sensible, as these people have qualified themselves as potential customers by visiting our site, and so we may be able to sell our product or service to them. However, this may not be right in every case. If we are showing ads to people who have been on our site and then left without completing a call to action, are we not then advertising to people who have already decided that our product or service is not right for them? These are the last people who we want to advertise to aren’t they?

Maybe. But it’s not a problem. If there are people who have decided that they don’t want what we have to offer, there is no risk in showing them an ad. They are highly unlikely to click on our ad anyway, and so it would not cost us anything to show them our ad. And of course, there is always a chance that these people may still want our service.

Re-connect with visitors who already forgot you

When people visit, and subsequently leave our site, it is virtually impossible for us to say why they left. That they didn’t like the site is one reason. They found us too expensive is another. These people are unlikely to become customers. However, what If the phone rang and something important came up? What if their computer crashed or their connection dropped just as they were about to make an enquiry? We simply don’t know. So why not show people our ads as they browse the internet, in order to jog their memory and remind them that they were about buy our widget?

So that is why we bother with remarketing. If people don’t want to come back to our site, then they won’t click on our ad. And if people do want to come back, then we really need to be putting an ad in front of them in order to get them to return. We really have nothing to lose.

This article is written by Chris Winn, a PPC Expert in Melbourne on behalf of Epic Marketing.