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AdWords Campaign Limited By Budget

We’ve all seen this message displayed alongside our AdWords campaigns – it’s Google telling us that the number of clicks and impressions that our AdWords campaign can receive is limited by the budget that we have in place. This is bad – this means that people have been searching for our product or service using the keywords that we are targeting, but our ads have not shown due to our budget running out. We may be losing out on sales, […]

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How To Write AdWords Ads

Writing effective ads is key to any PPC campaign. In order for our campaign to reach its full potential, we need a well thought out, well designed ad to attract the right people to click on our ad and visit the site. Here are a few tips in perfecting your AdWords ads. Headline The first thing people see when our AdWords ads appear is our headline, therefore we need this to be attention grabbing and enticing. It is likely to be […]

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Campaign Extensions – Which Ones Should You Use?

Over the past couple of years, Google has been constantly adding different campaign extensions that we can use with our ads. We now have Location Extensions, Call Extensions, Offer Extensions, Sitelinks Extensions, Social Extensions, App Extensions and Dynamic Search Ad Extensions. But what do they all mean, and which ones should you actually use? Sitelinks Extensions First of all, I am going to talk about my favourite extension, the Sitelinks Extension. Sitelinks extensions enable us to add a number of […]

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Remarketing – What’s The Point?

Recently, I have been discussing remarketing with many of my clients, and I have found the take up to be very mixed. Some advertisers see the benefit of following people around when they browse the internet, and others think that it is a complete waste. Remarketing is a waste of time and money when done wrong. The view that remarketing is a waste is an interesting one. Essentially, with remarketing, we are advertising to people who have been on our […]

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