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How To Write AdWords Ads

Writing effective ads is key to any PPC campaign. In order for our campaign to reach its full potential, we need a well thought out, well designed ad to attract the right people to click on our ad and visit the site. Here are a few tips in perfecting your AdWords ads.


The first thing people see when our AdWords ads appear is our headline, therefore we need this to be attention grabbing and enticing. It is likely to be of little use coming up with a standard headline simply describing your products or services. Let’s take, for example, a personal training service in Sydney. One may automatically think of using “Personal Training Sydney” – after all, that effectively describes the service and makes good use of the Google AdWords character limit of 25. But not only is this boring and uninspiring, this is also what most advertisers are doing, and our goal is to stand out and beat the competition. By all means let’s describe the service we offer somewhere in our ad, but the headline is not the place for this. Instead, we want something to draw attention to our ads – we could advertise a special offer (“Half Price PT Sessions”) or we could include a price (“PT Sessions Only $50/hr”) to do this. Thinking outside the box a little, we could work on the value proposition (“Looking To Get Fit?”) to make our ad stand out further. Don’t just put the first thing that comes to mind – think about what people are really looking for, and you will put yourself above your competitors.

Description Line 1 & 2

Again, the key to writing effective Description 1’s and 2’s is to create as enticing AdWords ads as possible.

Firstly, we must make good use of the character limits. We have 35 characters to use on each line, are we should be looking to get as close to 35 as possible, and certainly no fewer than 30.

We should also include a call to action in almost all ads. We need to tell people what to do – “Call Now”, “Enquire Online”, “Sign Up Today” – are just a few examples.

It is usually beneficial to show a complete sentence per line, rather than letting one line run into another. The reason for this is that Google will sometimes show the Desc Line 1 alongside the headline, and if your description runs onto Desc Line 2, you may end up with a nonsensical looking ad. When we create a new campaign, we brainstorm potential ad ideas. We create anything between 5 and 50 variations of our Desc

Line 1’s and 2’s, using numerous formats, wordings and including various CTA’s. This allows us to come up with original ad ideas and ones which will set our ads apart. We then go on to select the ads which look the most aesthetically pleasing as well as being the most enticing.

Display URL

For the display URL, we have 35 characters to play with, and we have to use the URL of our site. This may sound restricting, but since most URLs are less than 35 characters, we can be a little bit creative. Take Epic Marketing for example. The URL is 25 characters long, and therefore we have 10 characters left over. The best use of these characters is to add something relevant, in this case, “PPC”, ( “AdWords” ( or even “Melbourne” ( if we are keen to highlight our location. Furthermore, if we are short of characters, we can remove the “www.” to give ourselves 4 additional characters to work with ( It is important to note that the URL does not have to be a genuine URL that is in use on our site, but the URL stem must be accurately shown, otherwise our ad will be disapproved.

This article is written by Chris Winn, a PPC Expert in Melbourne on behalf of Epic Marketing.

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