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Our AdWords Strategy

Over the years, Epic Marketing has developed and perfected a AdWords strategy which works well in any industry and with and size of company. Our strategy is as follows:

Research the client and the industry

This involves speaking directly to the client and analysing the client’s website in order to gain an understanding of their business and their goals.

Keyword research

Extensive keyword research is essential for a successful AdWords campaign. Again this includes using the client’s website, and the websites of the clients’ key competitors. This also includes using Google’s keyword tool, Google Instant, historical data, brainstorming ideas, use of synonyms, plurals, amongst others.

Campaign strategy

This is the most important part of the process, and significant care must be taken to get it right. A good campaign strategy should be well organised, efficient to implement, easy to optimise and be suitable for client reporting.

Keyword creation

Next we create a list of keywords from the research done above, based on the strategy which has been put in place. Although this can vary considerably, our campaigns tend to have between 1,000 and 100,000 keywords. To do this, we use a variety of bespoke tools which we have available to us.

Ad creation

Creating relevant, targeted ads is no simple task. In our campaigns, we make sure that our ads are as relevant to the keyword as possible. This means therefore that if we have 50,000 keywords, we aim to have 50,000 different ads. we will also include relevant location information, special offers, prices, and any other information which could be useful to the end user.


When all ads are created, location extensions, sitelink extensions and other settings are added, and everything is checked and double checked, it is time to upload the campaigns and set them live.


Sometimes campaigns just work, which is fantastic. But in the vast majority of cases, a considerable amount of optimising and tweaking is required in order for the campaigns to reach their maximum. The skill in optimisation comes partly from experience, but in our campaigns the ability to optimise stems from the campaign strategy. Since our strategy has been carefully developed, we am able to see clearly which campaigns are doing well, which themes are working, which locations are working best etc, etc. This enables us to provide quality, meaningful insights, and also to carry out our optimisation in the most effective manner.

If all 7 elements of our AdWords strategy are carried out fully, then the campaigns will be sure to work. This is why we make sure that extensive research is done before the campaigns are put together, since this leads to huge efficiencies later down the line.

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